Street Flight is an urban lifestyle brand with deep roots in skateboarding and street culture. In contrast to the anti-social / opt-out / rebel-without-a-cause attitudes that are often associated with urban sub-cultures, our brand seeks to promote activist sensibilities with an emphasis on social diversity and inclusion, environmental responsibility, and a commitment to evolving the urban experience. Our community  of movers and makers are proactive players or, in the spirit of Burning Man: No(n) Spectators!

As a print-on-demand enterprise, our current business model is to provide our community with Street Flight wear and gear on an as-needed basis, producing every order individually rather than arbitrarily flooding markets with goods in search of customers. This model allows us to lower costs and reduce waste via the efficiencies of advanced print, cut & sew technology as well as minimal inventory management and reduced handling requirements.

Additionally, most of our apparel offerings are made from fabrics containing 95% post-consumer recycled [ iPET ] content.